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Custom Knit Hat- Hearts


These hats!  We've always been in love with these knit hats and make the most perfect gift!  These are 100% cotton, made-in-the-USA and feel heavenly!  These are such classic pieces, you'll save them and put them on a stuffed animal and keep them once your child has outgrown them.   Available in three sizes: Infant, Toddler & Child.

Select two colors or three colors and let us know the name or initials you'd like printed.  If initials, please spell out entire name and let us know if you'd like them to read straight across, or with the last name larger in the center.

Gianna Hat- Color One is Navy.  Color Two is Lavender.  Color Three (stripe) is White. Name shown in Lavender   

CHC Hat- Color One is Light Pink.  Color Two is Bright Pink. Color Three (stripe) is Bright Pink.  Initials shown in White.

Mckenna Hat- Color One is Light Pink. Color Two and Three are White.  Name shown in White.

Gabriella Hat- Color One is Fuchsia. Color Two is Light Pink. Color three (stripe) is White. Name shown in White.

Allow 4-6 weeks for production, each are custom produced when you order.

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