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When Life Gives You Lemons- Plate


Just released!  Our new 10", child-safe plates are so amazing, you'll want to keep them out all year!  Ok don't worry, we have everyday plates for that.  Once you feel them you will realize the quality has no competition.

These are not melamine, they are a high quality product that is way safer than melamine and can go in the microwave and dishwasher! They do not absorb microwave energy, so it can be used safely in any residential or commercial microwave oven.

It can even go in the oven up to 300 degrees.  They are100% BPA and formaldehyde free - as well as FDA-compliant for daily food contact. 100% made in the USA.

 ***Please note, the image on here appears to be solid navy.  When printed, there is a slight variance in the navy where the plate curves.

Be sure to check out our matching bowls!

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